Eden Grow System's Mission

Feeding the Future

For 11,000 years humans who wanted to be successful farmers needed arable land, good weather, hard work, skill, and luck. Using the most cutting edge technology and our own proprietary systems and techniques Eden has found the next step in farming where the farmers of tomorrow will no longer require any of these..

Welcome to Farming 2.0

Welcome to Eden.

We are a modular farming company focused on closed system Aquaponic farming solutions. We design and build next generation modular farming systems designed to operate the longest amount of time without re supply using the least amount of human and electrical energy to produce fruits, vegetables, and fish. Our first commercial system for sale is the Life Pod. A fully mobile modular farm designed to operate anywhere on Earth.

Life Pods are plug and play, designed to operate in any environment.. from arctic tundra, desserts, or on top of a toxic waste dump. They use no herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers. They produce their own water and electricity completely independent from any grid. They recycle all of their waste. Each unit can supply enough food for a family of four to live off, and when scaled up 30 unites can be placed on one acer of land and be operated by a single human. Because of their integration with Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Robotics they require no previous experience in farming to operate.

From Homesteading to The Local grocery store chain Eden offers solutions to our customer needs. Whether it’s the family or community that wants food, water, and energy independence knowing they can supply for themselves in times of need or simply wanting high end organic food year round OR the retailer looking to maximize profits by being able to supply high end organic goods year round at their point of sale Eden has the solution. Anywhere that people are paying a premium to have food shipped in Eden offers a solution that is both practical and economical. This is beauty and versatility of our product.

Bart Womack

CEO Eden Grow Systems

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