About us   

We develop solutions to deliver
food and energy independence to local communities!

Today's technologies can be used to revolutionize an industry that has not fundamentally changed or evolved in over 11,000 years. This revolution cannot be done by simply doing the same thing faster or cheaper.    You must change the approach entirely.

Bringing together robotics, AI, social networking, the digital marketplace, and cutting edge automated growing techniques, we have created an ecosystem that can reduce labor by 75%, create less dependence on weather, utilize 98% less water, increase crop quality and yield, avoid all pesticides and herbicides, use 50% less land and increase profits by hundreds of percentiles.                   

Founded in May 2017 as a C type corporation, Eden Grow Systems has integrated the best of today‚Äôs technologies with the historical knowledge of growing food, to help feed the future of humanity.   

Our solutions decentralize the food, supply-and-demand, systems and directly connect the source with the consumer.

We empower people to live a more secure, independent, and abundant Life. 

Welcome to Farming 2.0... welcome to Eden.