ET100P-10 Potato Grow Tower with 10 Gallon Reservoir

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    32 plant capacity (up to 3 feet / 1m) with 10 gal / 38L reservoir. Specifically designed for potatoes and other long-root tubers.

    30-day money-back guarantee

    As Low as $30 per month, Request quote to learn more

    What's included: Everything except seeds - Net cups, grow media (Oasis Horticubes), MasterBlend Combo Kit nutrients starter kit, tool kit, and Operations Manual. 


    Modular Design

    The ET300 consists of a Base, a Reservoir, a Tuber Grow Deck, and a 12in Light Deck.

    Tuber Grow Deck

    Grow what you want, when you want. Our 8sqft grow deck offers you the ability to grow up to 32 plants of various types including potatoes, sweet potatoes (tubers in general).

    Dual Mode Reservoir

    Fill it and forget it! at 60 Gallons this reservoir will keep you growing for months without a refill. Add the optional heater, circulation pump, and biofilter and you can go from growing solution, to growing fish!

    Computer Controlled

    No skill growing? No worries. The ET series is computer controlled with pre-programmed growing instructions.

    WIFI Enabled

    Want to access your tower from anywhere? No problem. Simply connect to WIFI and enable internet sync in our app and you can monitor and control this system from anywhere on the planet.

    Integrated Fan

    Air movement means healthier and more well pollinated plants. Our grow deck comes integrated with two fans pushing 70 cubic feet per minute

    Product Description

    The ET300 Tuber Deck Grow Tower consists of:

    1. Universal Grow Base with Touchscreen Control

    2. 60 Gallon Dual Mode Reservoir

    3. 9in Spacer Assembly

    4. Tuber Grow Deck with Integrated Fan

    5.  12in Light Deck

    The ET300 is a first of its kind for consumers. It's capable of growing up to 32 tuber plants as well as our traditional types including: leafy greens, herbs, small, and small root vegetables such as carrots and beats. With the integrated 60 Gallon reservoir, this tower is able to share nutrient solution with up to 30 additional towers via daisy chaining.


    • Width:     22 inches

    • Length:   46 inches

    • Height:    72 inches

     Power Consumption

    • Grow Light Wattage:    300W

    • Power Used Per hr:       ~270W


    • App Controlled:     Yes, 

    • Wifi connectivity:   Yes


    • Number of Grow Pods:   32

    • Grow Lighting type:         LED Full Spectrum

    • Reservoir Capacity:         60 Gallons

    • Filter Type:                        100 Micron Pre Filter, 50 micron Supply Filter

    • Reusable Filter:                 Yes, wash with clean water and replace

    • Cleanable Emitters:          Yes, Twist off, wash clean

    • Maintenance required:     Clean filter every 3 months, clean emitters every 3 months

    • Grow Cups Included:        Yes, with lids

    • Modular components:      Easily change the capabilities by purchasing new modules

    • Toolkit included:                Yes


    • Food Safe, Recyclable, High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE)

    Hydroponic System Type

    • Aeroponic


    Nutrient Solution

    Tuber Starts/Seeds

    Grow Media

    Pruning Shears

    Trellis Thread

    Trellis Clamps

    Reservoir Heater

    Reservoir Circulation Pump

    Reservoir BioFilter

    Parts:    1 Year

    Labor    1 Year