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Cultivation Techniques and Knowledge:

Acquiring expertise in microgreen cultivation techniques is essential for healthy and high-quality microgreens. Understanding optimal growing conditions and proper techniques for germination, growth, and harvesting ensures consistent and flavorful microgreens that meet market demands.

Upfront and Recurring Costs

Financial concerns are crucial for your microgreen business. Carefully consider upfront and recurring costs, such as equipment, seeds, growing medium, infrastructure, and ongoing expenses like water, electricity, fertilizers, packaging, and marketing. Proper financial planning and management are vital for profitability and sustainability.

Consistent Quality and Yield

Maintaining consistent quality and yield in microgreen cultivation is a top concern. Implementing proper watering, fertilization, and pest management practices will help ensure uniform growth, minimize crop losses, and deliver microgreens with consistent taste, texture, and appearance. Consistency is key in building customer trust and loyalty.

Labor Requirements

Microgreen sales involves various tasks such as planning, growing, harvesting, packing, and delivering. Managing the workload, schedules, and team training ensures success.

Startup Equipment and Setup

Starting a microgreen business involves finding, procuring, and setting up equipment and infrastructure. This includes grow trays, lighting, irrigation setups, and shelves or racks, and sometimes a dedicated facility. Researching, sourcing, and assembling equipment can be time-consuming.

Our Solutions

Our System is like the Swiss Army Knife of Indoor Grow Systems

Automated Microgreen Growing Robot

The Eden Grow Tower (EGT) utilizes aeroponics technology, which provides optimal growing conditions for microgreens, including precise control over air flow, lighting, and nutrient delivery. This ensures healthy and high-quality microgreens, addressing concerns related to cultivation techniques and knowledge.

Affordable, with low recurring costs

The EGT provides a cost-effective solution for microgreen cultivation. Its modular design allows for scalability, starting small and expanding as your business grows. Efficient water and nutrient usage, along with full-spectrum LED lighting, minimize recurring costs, ensuring financial sustainability when and where you want it.

Aeroponic simplicity

The EGT provides optimal growing conditions, ensuring consistent quality and yield of microgreens. Its aeroponics technology delivers precise water and nutrient distribution, resulting in uniform growth and minimized crop losses. This helps address concerns related to maintaining consistent quality and yield.

Low Labor

The EGT's automated system significantly reduces labor requirements. With its efficient design, the tower requires just 5 minutes a day for monitoring and maintenance. 

Simple to set up

The EGT offers an all-in-one solution for microgreen cultivation, simplifying the setup process. It includes grow trays, LED lighting systems, an irrigation setup, and a modular structure that can be easily assembled. 2 people in 1 hour can set up a tower. Roll it in to your room, plug it in, add water/nutrients and go.

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ET 300
Triple Deck
Grow Tower


  • 3 grow decks

  • Each grow deck contains 4 lids
  • Each lid can produce approx. 16oz of microgreens every two weeks