What We Do

Eden Growth Systems is a farming technology company focused on closed-system ecological design. We are dedicated to finding and implementing the newest farming technologies and designs, with the end goal of giving families and communities the ability to be self sufficient in their food production. We build next-generation, modular, automated farms. Our first consumer product is Habitat 2, a turn-key food and energy production system that can function in any environment and be delivered anywhere in the world.  We also design and build custom farming solutions for any environment or customer need.

The LifePod is a self-contained, automated, climate-controlled, aquaponic, and organic food production system. The shipping container format means that a complete, ready-to-use system can be shipped anywhere in the world and immediately begin producing a complete balanced diet, even in the most inhospitable environments on Earth. The LifePod produces a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh fish for protein.

Designed for ease of use and maintenance, the LifePod is the next generation of homesteading. The system is fully automated, and can be remotely monitored by the client or by Eden Growth System’s expert service technicians. Now for the first time in history, no matter the extremes of the environment or the isolation of the customer, people, anywhere and at anytime of the year, can enjoy fresh organic food, grown locally, sustainably, and easily.

The system comes fully matured and already producing: plug and play, pick and eat. The system is economical, secure, reliable, and comes with top-of-the-line customer service that provides continuous access to aquaponic specialists.  The world’s first turnkey aquaponic system, the LifePod, is ready to supply organic food the moment it is delivered.

Research& Development

At EGS we are destermind to search out and find the best technology and methodology so we achieve the best use of energy in our systems while producing maximum output.

Located in Portland,  Jeff Raymond know as the Real Martian, has been working tirelessly developing and testing sustainable off grid systems.

Contact Us

Interested in purchasing a system or just want to know more?  Click here, or simply send us an email to bart@edengrowsystems.com