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Design Features

The Eden Grow App has features that help you monitor and control any Eden Control System enabled system, and also has features that help you develop a growing plan and provide feedback to gain support on plant problems.

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Your Data Your Control

By prioritizing user control, enabling secure updates, offering global synchronization with user consent, and ensuring feature parity in local, non-internet connected systems, the Eden Grow App system addresses security concerns and provides users with a trusted and secure environment for their growing operations.

No Internet Required

 By allowing full app functionality without internet sharing, the Eden Grow App saves time and ensures data privacy, eliminating the need for complex online setups or concerns about data security.



Choose to Enable Remote Access

With the option to remotely monitor and control the system, users can save time and money by conveniently managing their grow tower from anywhere, reducing the need for physical presence and manual adjustments.

Continually Developing New Features

By providing the ability to upgrade features at the user's command, the app saves time and money by allowing users to adopt new functionalities and improvements without the need for additional purchases or complicated software updates.

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Monitor Your System

The app's real-time system monitoring feature saves time and reduces frustration by providing instant updates and alerts, allowing users to address issues promptly and avoid potential setbacks or crop damage.

Control Your System

The app's control capabilities for fans, lighting, and watering programs save time and effort by streamlining the adjustment process, eliminating the need for manual adjustments and ensuring optimal plant conditions efficiently.

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Control Multiple Systems at Various Locations

By enabling centralized control and monitoring of multiple systems, the app saves time and reduces frustration by eliminating the need for separate logins or physical checks, enabling efficient oversight and management of various grow towers from a single interface.

Take Notes

 The app's note-taking feature reduces frustration and the learning curve by allowing users to document observations, tips, and insights directly within the app, ensuring valuable information is easily accessible for future reference.

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System Advisories

The app's system advisories save time, money, and frustration by providing timely notifications and alerts, allowing users to proactively address maintenance or operational needs, preventing potential issues and ensuring optimal system performance.

Plan Your Crops

The Eden Grow App's crop planning feature saves time, reduces frustration, and enhances productivity by providing a comprehensive tool for planning and organizing crops. Users can specify the location of their grow tower, select plant types and species, and set up schedules for planting and harvesting, allowing for efficient planning and maximizing the potential of the grow tower.

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Monitor Your Crops

The Eden Grow App's crop monitoring feature saves time and reduces frustration by providing real-time updates on the growth progress, health, and environmental conditions of plants. Users can easily assess plant development, make informed decisions, and intervene if necessary, resulting in efficient crop management and optimized yields.

Harvest Your Crops

The app's crop harvesting feature streamlines the process of harvesting plants, saving time and reducing frustration. Users can track and record the weight and data of each harvest, evaluate benefits gained, make informed decisions for future harvests, and calculate yields for business or personal purposes.

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Weekly Performance Record

By offering a convenient way to provide feedback and receive support, the app reduces frustration and learning curves while saving time and money through personalized assistance, troubleshooting, and guidance from the Eden team.

Record Nutrient Usage

The app's nutrient solution recording capability simplifies tracking and managing the amount of nutrient solution used, saving time and reducing frustration. Users can accurately record and monitor nutrient usage, optimizing resource consumption, preventing over or underfeeding, and refining nutrient regimens for improved plant health and growth.

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Record Sensor Readings

 The app's sensor reading recording feature allows users to manually track and chart various environmental parameters, facilitating research and experimentation. By entering sensor data into the app, users can analyze trends, identify correlations, and gain valuable insights into the effects of specific environmental factors on plants, enabling informed adjustments and optimization of growing conditions.

Buy Seeds

The app recommends trusted seed suppliers, saving time and reducing frustration by simplifying the seed selection process. Users can access reliable sources, ensuring access to the right seed varieties for their growing needs.

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How To Videos

The app provides access to instructional videos for system operations and growing techniques, saving time, reducing frustration, and accelerating learning by offering visual guidance and step-by-step instructions.


The app includes non-intelligent software programs that monitor the system for known issues, saving time, money, and reducing frustration by promptly notifying users via email (with an internet-enabled Wi-Fi connection). This feature helps users maintain system health, prevent potential crop losses or damage, and minimize the learning curve associated with troubleshooting. Our watchdogs help keep track of your pump, is it running too long and getting water everywhere? Is it not on and plants are dying...theres a watchdog for that and many others.

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