Information Security

When we designed the Eden Operating System we designed it with security and independence in mind. Explore below to see how.

Restricted System Access: Pull Request Only

The Eden Grow Tower system prioritizes user security by implementing a pull request-only architecture. This means that external entities, including the developers or support team, cannot access the user's system directly. The system was intentionally designed to establish a one-way communication flow, ensuring that users have full control over their data and minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or manipulation. By adopting this approach, Eden ensures that users have peace of mind and can trust in the privacy and integrity of their growing environment.

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Secure Software Updates:
User-Initiated Pull Requests

Maintaining the security of the Eden Grow App system is a top priority. To ensure the system is up-to-date and equipped with the latest features and enhancements, regular software updates are implemented. However, these updates are initiated by the user through a pull request mechanism. When a new update is available, users are notified, but the update process remains under the user's control. The user can choose to initiate the update request, ensuring that updates are performed securely and at their convenience. This approach minimizes the risk of forced or unsolicited updates and empowers users to manage their system's security and functionality effectively.

Global Synchronization with User Control

The Eden Grow App system provides users with the option to enable global synchronization, allowing local data to be synchronized with a cloud server accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and approved security credentials (your username and password). While this feature enhances convenience and accessibility, user control remains paramount. Users have full control over enabling or disabling global synchronization based on their preferences and security considerations. This approach ensures that users retain the power to decide when and how their data is synchronized, safeguarding their privacy and maintaining control over their system's operation.

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Feature Parity with Local, Non-Internet Connected Systems

To address security concerns related to internet connectivity, the Eden Grow App system is designed to provide almost every feature available on the global app within the local, non-internet connected environment. This means that users can enjoy a comprehensive set of functionalities, including monitoring, control, and data management, directly from their local system. By minimizing reliance on internet connectivity, Eden enhances security by reducing potential vulnerabilities associated with online access. Users can have confidence in their ability to manage and optimize their grow tower independently, even in offline settings.



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