Instantly Become a Homesteader with this One NASA-Proven Tool
22 February, 2022 by
Instantly Become a Homesteader with this One NASA-Proven Tool
Eden Grow Systems, Alicia Raymond
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You Can Do This!

In the last couple of years, homesteading and living off the land have become increasingly popular, in older and younger generations alike. While reasons may be different in why they chose to homestead – including, living a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle, or seeing the instability in the world and wanting to have a more secure, self-reliant life - or both, homesteading can mean a complete shift in your way of life, requiring a lot of time, resources, and sacrifice. However, the good news is that it doesn’t have to! Eden has developed a tool, using NASA-proven technology, to not just give a jump-start to the beginner, but to also lighten the load of even the most experienced homesteader. 

Purchase one of our grow towers and put a produce section in your home today.

Anyone Can Operate

No skills or previous gardening knowledge required. The Eden tower uses a method of growing plants called hydroponics, growing plants in water. There are subcategories of hydroponics (see this post for more information). One of those subcategories, and what Eden uses, is aeroponics. Aeroponics has been used by NASA for years (see this post for more) and we are excited to bring this technology home to the modern homesteader! 

This may seem complicated; however, it is actually quite simple. The water and nutrient solution are stored in a reservoir in the tower. Periodically, a pump drives the liquid nutrient solution through precision nozzles, spraying it directly on the roots to feed and water the plants. And even better is that this whole process is automated with the Eden Grow Application. Also, the Eden Grow App offers step-by-step video tutorials to walk you through the entire growing process. 

Saves Time

The Eden Tower reduces the time required with traditional agriculture by 75%. No preparing the soil, building fences, weeding, messing with hand watering or drip tubes, or constantly battling pests. By growing indoors with an all-enclosed system and using automation with the Eden Grow App, the Eden Tower greatly reduces these time-consuming requirements of traditional growing. The Eden tower allows you to free up a tremendous amount of time, to focus on other tasks at hand. 

The Eden app also helps take the huge learning curve out of growing, with guided how-to's and tutorials on not just operating the system itself, but guides on how to solve problems, such as pest and disease management, that saves you countless hours of doing the research yourself. 

For the already established homesteader, the Eden Grow Tower can be a huge time-saving tool to add to your homestead, or to supplement your food growing efforts, making your homestead that much more efficient.

Grow Year-Round 

Growing year-round usually isn’t an option for traditional gardeners. Even if you live in the south, summer brings enough heat to make growing lettuces almost impossible, without large greenhouses and expensive HVAC. This is what sets the Eden Tower apart. Whether you are just getting started with growing or homesteading, or have been homesteading for years, the Eden Tower allows you to grow beautiful produce, year-round, including root vegetables! Which brings us to the next point.  

Grow Anything

Not just leafy greens, but brassicas, potatoes, root vegetables, including beets and carrots, fruits, and more can all be grown with the Eden Grow Tower using the aeroponic method. This opens the door for so many possibilities with indoor growing and adds huge value to the homesteader. 

Saves Money

By using 98% less water than traditional agriculture, you are not only saving time in watering, but also saving money on your water bill. With traditional gardening, water can be a major cost. Not to mention all the of the water restrictions in some areas that can make traditional farming prohibitive or impossible. 

Aeroponics is extremely efficient with power, as the pump does not have to be constantly running. There is also lower nutrient solution input than with other systems, as the delivery method for nutrients with aeroponics is extremely efficient. Plans for a solar panel and composting anaerobic digester for nutrients and power production are in the works. The digester will convert plant waste into nutrient solution, to increase the efficiency even more.

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Bring in an Income

With the Eden Grow Tower you have the ability to create your own business, right away! The system design allows up to 33 towers to be daisy-chained together to share a common reservoir, leaving more room for grow decks to ensure the greatest potential yield per tower and per square foot of temperature-controlled grow space. Staged planting will ensure continuous and rapid production, with efficient automation to save you time and reduce labor costs (75% less  labor than with traditional agriculture). With the Eden Tower you can add year-round availability to your produce growing operation as well! 

Add small-batch, specialty crops to fill out your produce product offerings. Ensure a continuous supply of popular and gourmet herbs, vegetables and/or fruit. Make your restaurant stand out with trendy and intensely flavorful ingredients. So many options! 

No More Gardening “Husbandry”

With the power of automation and the Eden App, you have the ability to monitor and control your tower/towers from anywhere on the planet, as long as you have an internet connection. You are no longer tied to needing to be there every day to take care of your garden…you can leave it and it will grow! 

At Eden we are all about growing your own food by whatever means you have! We want to stress that by no means are we saying that these towers completely replace traditional agriculture. If you have the space and time for a garden, we highly encourage you do so! However, the Eden Grow Tower not only allows the novice homesteader to start growing right away with absolutely no experience, but can be a huge asset to all homesteaders, alike.

Want to be an instant homesteader? Head over here to learn more about the Eden Grow tower! 

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Alicia Raymond is a Content Creator for Eden Grow Systems. Alicia is passionate about helping others live healthy lives and believes growing your own fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to achieve this. She loves to cook with the food she and her husband grow on their 20-acre homestead in the Pacific NW, where they have also documented their adventures of building and operating a self-sustaining off-grid food habitat on their YouTube channel, This effort has now turned into Eden Grow Systems, an indoor grow company. Alicia has experience growing microgreens for profit, and food blogging. She is a former registered nurse, holding a B.S. in Nursing.

Instantly Become a Homesteader with this One NASA-Proven Tool
Eden Grow Systems, Alicia Raymond
22 February, 2022
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