Our Culture and Values



This is how we feel at Eden

Integrity First

Dedication to the Mission 

Passion in doing what we love

Caring for one another

Ownership in solving problems



This Is how we work at Eden

Results oriented, no excuses

Live the Pioneering Spirit 

Teamwork - we succeed or fail together

Excellence in all we do

Professionalism throughout

We believe

Eden is a platform for everyone who works with it to better themselves

Eden’s goal is to get the best from you, so you can be the best you

Leaders create the environment for the team to be successful (servant leadership)

That personal politics are yours and yours alone, but while at Eden, the mission is most important

Morals (how we treat others)

Leaders set the tone, be positive, be professional, live our values

Treat others as you’d like to be treated

Be a consummate Professional 

Support the team

Praise in public, correct in private

No gossip; stick to the facts

No undercutting one another

No slander