Want to create a more
hopeful future
for the Earth and Beyond? 

Thank you for your interest in investing in Eden Grow Systems'. By filling out this pledge form, you are expressing your commitment to investing in a future where technology empowers individuals and communities to grow fresh, healthy, foods and medicines regardless of location or prior gardening experience. Please provide the following information to formalize your pledge (more info below):


By pledging to support Eden Grow Systems, you are contributing to a future where self-sufficiency and community empowerment intersect. Your investment will not only catalyze a shift in the agricultural landscape but also unlock potential benefits for your own well-being and financial growth.

Once you've completed this form, our team will be in touch with you to provide more information about your return on investment, the investment process, and payment details.


Our upcoming crowdfunding campaign, set to launch in September, is your chance to get in early on both the future of growing by investing in advancing Ag Tech and a company that's on the brink of exciting growth. And here's the interesting part: this isn't just for experienced investors. Our REG CF (Regulation Crowdfunding) Campaign is designed to welcome everyone, regardless of investment experience. It's about believing in innovation and supporting the future. 

This is your chance to secure a stake in our company. By investing in Eden, you will play a pivotal role in steering the future of agricultural technology and enabling others to achieve food independence by growing their own healthy fruits and vegetables.  


Investment Avenues: 

  • Regulation Crowdfunding (REG CF) 

Financial Outlook: 

  • Break-even within a year of funding. 

  • Sales: Transitioned into Initial Production with over $250k in sale-orders closed, even without a marketing budget. 

  • Acknowledged by the Space Force with funding potential: Chosen by the United States Space Force for significant opportunities, including a phase-1 award of $50k and a $1M direct-to-phase-2 potential (pending funding). 

Growth Strategy: 

  • Path to a $1B company in 10 years via consumer sales, partnerships, schools/universities sales, global reach, and retail partnerships. 

Return on Investment: 

  • Projected profitability next year. 

  • Acquisition or stock sale after listing for cashing out. 

  • Common stock aims for NASDAQ/NYSE by 2025/2026, promising growth. 

  • Reg A+ offering in 2024. 

  • Projections suggest milestones by 2025/2026, higher share price. 

Use of Funds: 

  • Advance product development. 

  • Expand global reach. 

  • Strategic Team Expansion. 

  • Protect intellectual property. 

  • Product innovation, including the development of our next product, the Eden Control System (ECS), plus a low-cost Grow Wall for more diverse grow solutions. 

  • Execute impactful marketing campaigns. 

The REG CF Campaign will officially launch in September, marking the commencement of investments via a personalized investor landing page. The minimum investment amount is set at $500. 

To get in early and secure your spot as a pioneer in this movement, we encourage you to fill out out this PLEDGE FORM. By pledging early, you'll gain exclusive access and benefits, ensuring you're at the forefront of this exciting venture.

Join us in revolutionizing the way we grow and consume food. Together, we can cultivate a brighter future for generations to come.