American Made

Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Built to Last

Outperforms Hydroponics

It's a tool, not a toy


Think about it.

You invest in appliances that store and preserve your food...

why not invest in an appliance that grows your food?

Our Towers: The Ultimate Indoor Grow System

Welcome to Eden's premium tower systems, where quality and efficiency meet to revolutionize your indoor growing experience. Our towers are crafted with utmost precision, using aircraft-grade aluminum and top-of-the-line components, ensuring unparalleled durability. With a lifespan of over 10 years, and up to 20 years with proper care, our towers are designed to be your long-term gardening companion

Why No Displayed Prices?

  • Valuing customer needs

  • Personalized assistance for specific requirements

  • Expert guidance and answers to advanced questions

  • Avoiding disappointment and ensuring customer satisfaction

Tailored Solutions for Every Tower

  • Providing the right fit for individual needs

  • Informed decision-making based on specific requirements

  • No simple "buy now" option

  • Discovering the perfect tower for growing ambitions

Lead Time: 90 Days

  • Minimizing lead time as a small business

  • Honesty, transparency, and customer convenience 

  • Striving for excellence with every order

Bi-Modal Tower: Unleash Your Aquatic Potential

  • Raising fish alongside plants with advanced knowledge

  • Educating customers and finding ideal solutions for all their needs

  • Guiding through the world of aquatic gardening

Personalized Concierge Service

  • Assisting customers from pre-sale to post-purchase

  • Premium support for premium products

  • Dedicated team for prompt and comprehensive assistance

  • Unwavering support throughout the purchase lifespan

Cultivating the Right Plants in Your Tower

  • Direct discussion of specific needs over the phone

  • Preventing dissatisfaction with tower selection

  • Help in cultivating the perfect indoor garden

Scaling Up? We've Got You Covered

  • Seamless daisy-chaining for expanding growing operations

  • Minimizing reservoirs, cost, and maintenance time

  • Supporting grow operations

  • Supporting ambitious and prosperous gardeners

Convenient Payment Plans

  • Offering financial flexibility

  • Buy Now, Pay Later plan for PayPal users

  • Layaway program for non-PayPal users

  • Securing spot in line with monthly payments


Our towers use 3-7 kwhr per day,

(electrical rate of $0.085/kwhr)


With PayPal, you can buy now and pay later for as little as $30/month (depends on customer credit)

- Or -

If you don't want to use PayPal Pay Later, you can sign up for our $500/mo. layaway plan. 

Your tower will ship when full payment is received. Pay on your schedule.


Our towers range in price. Depending on the crop you are growing, they can pay for themselves in as little as 4 months, or 4 years. 

How We Stack Up!

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Start your journey to food independence now!

Let's find the Eden Grow Tower™ that best fits your needs.