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Food has been a constant need of humans throughout history. Now as the population grows, food is a growing market. Eden has the technology to reach billions.

Feed The Planet
Make Our Investors Money
Do it Sustainably in a Growing Market

Who is Eden Grow Systems?

At Eden we bring NASA farming technology down to Earth and into your home or business. 

We create modular farming systems that allow businesses and individuals, no matter their level of experience to grow their own food without using herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers. We make indoor farming affordable and simple.

Our Trusted Partners

Our Customers

Food Security  

Food Independence for Individuals, Families, Businesses, Institutions, and the Military.

Healthy Food

Improve Individual Health, Keeping Individuals & Their Families Safe.

Medicinals & Cannabis  

From Hemp to St. John's Wort & so much more,  journey to wellness & self-sufficiency today.

Grow Operations (Businesses)   

Profitable Grow Operations for community-focused success.


Grow your plant experiments easier and faster than ever.


Green living made easy. Ready to minimize your impact on the planet?

Our Products

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The Eden Grow Tower

Our Flag Ship product, with over $300k in sales produced with minimal sales staff and no advertising.

Eden Control System

Fully developed for our towers, the Eden Control System is being exported to a standalone product capable of controlling greenhouses, automating gardens, and controlling other grow systems.

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Eden Systems Monitoring

For Commercial growers we offer a software subscription service that communicates with ECS based systems. It provides remote control, monitoring, and 3rd party monitoring if desired.

Digital Farmers Market

Our Future is to connect communities to enable food security. To do that we have initial prototype concepts of our digital farmers market connecting growers, consumers, and delivery drivers. 

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Growth Potential

The Global Indoor Farming Market is valued at $121 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $178 billion by 2027.

Indoor farming, a modern agricultural practice, involves cultivating crops or plants in a controlled, enclosed environment. It presents an exceptional growth opportunity due to the scarcity of arable land and disruptions in the global supply chain. The concept of indoor farming has revolutionized food production by minimizing land and resource requirements.

The economic drivers behind indoor agriculture include limited land usage, year-round cultivation, extended plant lifespan, and reduced water and fertilizer usage. These benefits contribute to its widespread adoption. Additionally, indoor farming enables cultivation in areas that were previously unsuitable for traditional farming methods, unlocking immense potential for growth.

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Since COVID we've witnessed explosion in interest in  emergency preparedness and home growing systems.

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Emergency management is a thriving global industry, currently valued at $107 billion, and is projected to grow to $149 billion within the next five years. The deterioration of the global supply chain has sparked a significant increase in mainstream interest in the United States regarding self-sufficiency in food production.

In times of civil unrest or perceived threats to personal freedoms, there has been a notable surge in demand within the doomsday market. For instance, sales experienced a notable uptick following the 2007 financial crisis, presidential re-elections, and the nuclear tensions between the US and North Korea in 2017. Since 2020, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and recent geopolitical tensions with Russia have further accelerated these trends.

Our Team

You can't build anything, without a great team. And we've assembled a great one. From our Executive Leadership Team to our Board Members and Advisors. Eden is setup for success.

In The News

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Our systems can run off 100% renewable energy.

We utilize almost 100% recyclable parts.

We upcycle used Android tablets.

Our systems utilize LED lighting and consume less energy than a microwave.

Our systems reduce agricultural water use by more than 98%.


Our solutions empower disadvantaged communities to be food independent.

Our solutions create jobs requiring little to no education, providing critical job skills. 

The mobility of our solutions allows them to be deployed to non-traditional agricultural locations.


Eden solutions enable government support programs.

Three highly-qualified women elected to Board of Directors.

Programs underway to reach underserved community food programs and communities in  the inner city.