Software Product Owner/Developer

--Remote Work--

Our software will be your playground. You will truly own it. 

This is a remote position with a startup. If you qualify for this job, you'll be taking a pay cut, but you'll be compensated in options to your expected salary and you'll own it! You'll own it all! We need someone who can come in and truly see what we are doing and have the same burning desire we do to help provide sustainable food and energy independence to local communities around the world, and one day, off it. You must be in a stable situation, dedicated to our cause, have a strong self-motivation capability, want to make a difference and have the opportunity to chart the course you think is right, and willing to take a risk. If you are...keep reading. 

The Eden Software Product owner will be personally responsible for every 0 and 1 at Eden including: the Eden Android Application, the Eden Embedded Code, the Eden Artificial Intelligence, the Eden Web App, Eden Systems Monitoring, and the Digital Farmers Market. This is a highly critical position which will require a dedicated individual who can set vision, collect feedback from customers, identify potential customers, identify revenue strategies, has go-to-market experience, and can roll their sleeves up to get the work done themselves. You will have a small, but dedicated team to help, but plan on being in code every day.

You will need experience with: python, c, java, javascript, css, html, mysql/postgres as a starting point. You'll need to know how to manage GIT repositories and to perform developmental code merges in order to deploy new software packages on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. You will be the one we all turn to when bugs show up. You'll track them, you'll develop the bug destruction plan, and you'll probably be writing most of the code to solve those bugs, until we grow larger. You will work directly with senior management to identify priorities for the next sprint and for future development.

As the Software Product Owner you'll also be responsible for budgets, manpower request, and daily task execution management. We are a startup and as such you'll be wearing multiple hats in order to help us feed the planet. You'll also be responsible for our servers so knowledge of Linux is a must.

This position will develop embedded (pyhton, c, java) code for Eden products. Develop Human Machine Interface for all Eden applications. Manage backlog via Jira using Scrum/Kanban. Ensure Eden systems are secure. Support Eden server management. Manage Eden database structure, content, and security (MySQL, PostGres, etc). Develop software feature and defect roadmaps. Must be able to support multiple timezone workflows, specifically Pacific Standard and Central Standard times.


Embedded Code Development

Eden Web App

Eden Artificial Intelligence Development
Eden Android App Development

Database creation/management

Information Security

Human Machine Interface Development

Software Roadmap


Startup Environment

Limited Staff

Global Operations (multi-timezone)

Must Have

Management experience

Ability to set vision and execute

Linux server standup and management









GIT Management (Bitbucket)

Continuous Integration/Continuous test (Bamboo)


Job Complexity:
Personal Evolution:
Variability of the Job:
Job Security:
Overachieving Possibilities:
Team / Company Size:

1 / 40 PEOPLE

Company Growth Goals:

50% YOY

Company Maturity:


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Healthcare, dental, vision


Vacation, Sick, and paid leaves