Software Developer - Embedded

--Remote Work--

This is a remote position with strong preference to be physically located within driving distance to White Salmon, WA. Eden Grow Systems is seeking a permanent position. Applicant must have demonstrable experience working with Java 8 or newer, the PIC Microcontroller family or equivalent, as well as be demonstrably comfortable writing code in C, and be able to perform Linux Admin from time to time, as well as using Technical Documents and diagrams to perform allocated tasks. Experience with remote desktop and VPN connections a must. Should also have clear experience working with Linux and Windows servers in a cloud environment. Applicants would be compensated on a salary basis. Best applicant would be tone who understand constraints of startup life and wants to grow with the business to eventually be responsible for parts of the application, pertaining to where the candidate has shown their most effective work through his/her employment process, and future period with Eden. Ideal applicants would have additional capabilities in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, machine vision, and machine vision training.

In this role you'll have the opportunity to shape and if so desired, direct the future of our embedded control system software. Your efforts will help take the learning curve out of growing food and make food more accessible to everyone, including disadvantaged communities. You will literally be helping solve world hunger. 


Participate in weekly Scrum meetings and other agile ceremonies.

Design, Develop, Document, and Maintain the Eden Grow System embedded software environment.

Work directly with the Electrical Engineering team to ensure embedded software accomplishes desired behaviors.

Implement features that are agreed upon with C or Java as main language, and other Java related technology (strictly specified), through the use of technical documents and diagrams, in order to turn company-driven ideas into software.

Must agree to dates and times of delivery and be responsible for such.

Must have database design experience, and should know what DBMS principles to use, given a situation.

Will need to write SQL and will need to improve such for the sake of system ops.

Will be required to maintain PHP and Python code, therefore a 2nd language here is a benefit.

Update his/her Jira boards frequently to match current work progress.

Communicate well and professionally in the English Language, throughout the process of weekly meetings, and be able to give good feedback on work performed and any other matter during the work process. Therefore English as a first or second language is a must, at a professional level.

Must be able to work on their own, and also at the same time, be comfortable communicating with the Eden team, which is comprised of a diversified and professional group of people.

Have a form of admiration for the company, its goals, and be prepared to be a contributor outside of their sphere of influence.

Troubleshooting user experiences and issues


Be able to work in an environment where your hard work could be sacrificed, for the sake of pivoting to a new and more acceptable feature.

Fully remote team

Unpredictable workloads (weeks of hardly anything then days of unlimited work)

Startup Environment

Must Have

Professional English Reading, Writing, Verbal communication

Linux, Ubuntu Admin

Confluence and Jira Exposure.

C Programming as primary language

Java 8 and above as secondary language

- Desire to be exposed to design patterns such as Factory, Prototype, Singleton, Adapter and


- Must have C and java programming

- Must understand multi-thread programming

- Must be familiar with Microchip PIC family of processor or equivalent

- Must have been exposed to Enterprise Environment work, and OO principles.

- Must have experience with complex data structures and object models

Experience with PHP and Python (at least 2+ years)

- Be able to understand OO using PHP, and Python

- Be able to fix bugs in PHP by reading code, and any necessary resources, timeously.

- Be able to fix bugs in Python by reading code, and any necessary resources, timeously.

Job Complexity:
Personal Evolution:
Variability of the Job:
Job Security:
Overachieving Possibilities:
Team / Company Size:

1 / 40 PEOPLE

Company Growth Goals:

50% YOY

Company Maturity:


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Healthcare, dental, vision


Vacation, Sick, and paid leaves