Salinity, a Variable Element Affecting Plant Growth
Evidently some plants can live with salt. But that doesn't mean they like it.
19 June, 2021 by
Salinity, a Variable Element Affecting Plant Growth
Eden Grow Systems
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    Very few studies have been made with regards to the effect of salinity in plant irrigation, and the effect that salinity has on plants and the soil they grow in.

    One study made at the Federal University of Recôncavo of Bahia, circa 2016, has accumulated some results which represent some significant insights on the effect of salinity in soil and the plants growing therein.

    The experiment from the university involved 2 types of irrigation, namely pulse and drip irrigation. The effects of the 2 varieties of irrigation system showed excellent results that should be taken into account when considering planting certain crops.  In this study, the researchers applied their findings to Green Beans, something that has already been grown successfully with the Eden Grow Towers.

    Green beans are one of the main vegetables cultivated in Brazil, mainly by small farmers. This crop is widely cultivated in greenhouses, which allows harvests in off-season periods, thus promoting higher profitability (Bottega et al., 2013; Almeida et al., 2014). It is a salt-sensitive crop whose yield and quality of pods decrease with increasing water salinity (Osman & Salim, 2016).

    Groundwater can contain varying levels of dissolved salts, which can impact the success of any growing operation that is attempting to cultivate plants that are particularly sensitive to higher salinity levels. An EGS Tower operator carefully applies nutrients to water tanks, and also monitors the concentration of minerals that are added to the system. The ability to control all inputs into the growing process is a key benefit of utilizing the Grow Towers instead of open fields or even greenhouses with centralized irrigation using well water or other sources with unknown levels of salt.

    Many plants can tolerate a degree of variability in the nutrients and amount of water they have access to, but virtually all plants have a "sweet spot" where they will thrive and experience the strongest growth and greatest fruit output. Most commercial growers recognize this and continuously work to understand each plant's optimum conditions. Grow Towers are incredible tools for experimenting, learning, and sharing growing profiles or "recipes" with the Eden community of growers through the Eden Grow App. Controlling salinity levels is just one benefit of an automated, controlled growing method and process.

    To conclude, whatever is the best way to maximize a particular plant's health, the EGS Towers are there to do so effectively.  Clean, nutrient-rich water will ensure greater yield per plant than large plantation fields that are affected by high salinity in irrigation water.



    Salinity, a Variable Element Affecting Plant Growth
    Eden Grow Systems
    19 June, 2021
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