Eden Feed the Future S.T.E.M. Initiative
Our Future Rests with the Young
20 December, 2021 by
Eden Feed the Future S.T.E.M. Initiative
Eden Grow Systems
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At Eden, we are about so much more than just selling grow towers. We have a passion for helping others THRIVE. We believe this is greatly achieved through learning how to create your own food independence, food security, with healthy organic food, by means of education, community, and programs to help the youth of tomorrow do the same. This passion has led us to create the FEED THE FUTURE PROGRAM.

The Feed the Future program is a multi-faceted training program used for

  1. Individuals wanting to learn how to grow using hydroponics, aquaponics and/or aeroponics with the Eden Grow Tower

  2. Community outreach in order help others come together as a collective in order to support each other with available resources to truly thrive (Digital Farmer’s Market Community App in the works!)

    And last-what we will be highlighting today: 

  3. A broader tool for helping inspire young minds through our S.T.E.M. (Science,  Technology, Engineering and Math) program.

“The fate of tomorrow lies with the youth of today.”

The exciting thing about the Eden Grow Tower is that it teaches youth so much more than how to grow their own food, although vital. The Eden Tower is helping teach young minds Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, plus valuable life lessons.

Within the S.T.E.M. core components, they will be learning:

  • Horticulture - including learning and researching about plant growth, and even requirements necessary for missions to Mars! Our Director of Plant Research, Dr. Gary Stutte, was a NASA researcher for 25 years, and they will be learning 1st hand knowledge from him!

  • Systems Engineering - the complete system includes mechanical pumps, lighting, fans, filters, controls, power, and more!

  • Automation and AI - learning how to use automation and AI to control, monitor, and optimize plant growth.

  • Health and Nutrition - discovering the complex interactions between the food we eat and how our bodies respond.

  • Business Analytics - Understanding the fundamentals of cost, return on investment, value creation, customer needs, advertising, and scheduling.

  • The Scientific Method - inputting and analyzing data in the Eden Grow Tower App for experimental results and diagnostic investigation.

“The cool thing about the tower is that’s it’s multi-disciplinary - it includes both inorganic and organic components. You can go over chemistry and biology with the organic items. You can go over systems engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, lighting, troubleshooting, manufacturing, and computer programming with the inorganic components - it really lets you explore every aspect of S.T.E.M.” -Jeff Raymond, EGS COO/CTO

The Eden Grow Tower is really a “life-lesson” tool that we are excited to deploy to Feed the Future S.T.E.M.  programs around the globe. Our very first S.T.E.M. project was with an awesome group of young men - Cohort Z @gracebaptistws. Check out this video to see them learning how to use the tower in order to take it to a local retirement home to teach the residents how to grow their own food! We are so excited about their mission. Not only are these young men learning, but they are also teaching! Plus, all the wonderful character lessons, including being diligent with raising the money to buy the tower through donations + working hard, learning compassion and caring for other, and many other social benefits for them and the ones they serve. This is so much more than growing plants, it is about inspiring our youth and helping them grow into the amazing young men and women they were meant to be.

“Probably one of the most beneficial parts of the process of buying a grow tower was that these young men split firewood, mowed lawns, they painted a house, they did all kinds of community service and then just asked for donations to the grow tower project…that’s what actually purchased the grow tower. Often times somebody would make a donation if they would go and help somebody else in the name of the person who made the donation. It’s become a really good experience of just trusting that the Lord is going to take a work for somebody and it’s going to have a comeback in resources their using for the grow towers” - Mark Hoeffner of @wsgracebaptistchurch. 

We think that’s pretty cool!

Want to learn more? Check out the video below of what the S.T.E.M. project is all about + an awesome interview with Pastor Mark and the young men of Cohort Z, OR head on over to our S.T.E.M. page. 


Together we will FEED THE FUTURE!

If you would like to join us on the journey to feed local communities around the world, or have a S.T.E.M. or other project in mind, please reach out to us here.


Eden Feed the Future S.T.E.M. Initiative
Eden Grow Systems
20 December, 2021
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