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Our future rests with the young

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The Fate of Tomorrow lies with
The Youth of  Today

The Eden Grow Towers can be a valuable tool for teaching so many core concepts of any S.T.E.M. initiative.

  • Horticulture

  • Systems Engineering

  • Automation and AI

  • Health and Nutrition

  • Business Analytics

  • The Scientific Method

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Learning and researching how to optimize conditions for maximum plant growth while minimizing resource requirements is necessary for missions to Mars and for practicing good stewardship here on Earth.

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Systems Engineering

Learning to integrate mechanical pumps with electrical relays, with computer controlled scheduling for lighting and nutrient delivery is a comprehensive experience for learning systems engineering.

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Automation / AI

Everything is getting automated, just like our towers. And the data collected from numerous grow cycles provides a rich data set for optimization with AI and machine learning. 

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Health & Nutrition

Discovering the complex interactions between the food we eat and how our bodies respond is such a rich field for discovery and education.

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Business Analytics

Understanding the fundamentals of cost, return on investment, value creation, customer needs, and scheduling all come with growing crops in the Grow Towers.

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Scientific Method

Testing different variables with controls and experiments is built right in to the Grow Towers and the whole process of cultivating living things.

Join us in our mission to Feed the Future, especially the future of our young minds.

We want to partner with schools to integrate Grow Towers into S.T.E.M. programs across the U.S. 
We want to enable teachers and students to experience all of the great lessons that can come from growing.

We need your help. If you want to champion the idea of incorporating an Eden Grow Tower into your school's program, please let us know!