Our Leadership

Proven entrepreneurial leader with multiple successful ventures, strong networking, marketing, and startup financing expertise. Inventor of the EGS LifePod

Bart Womack

CEO, Co-Founder

Veteran, Genesis System inventor, proven pioneer, over 15 years experience in technology development, corporate wide operations, and infrastructure. Over 25 years management and leadership experience.

Jeff Raymond

COO/CTO, Co-Founder

Former CEO, Insitu Inc, ($500M in revenue/yr) high tech company with global product development, deployment, and operations. Council includes academic, industry, and technology leaders.

Steve Morrow

Advisory Council Chairman

Rick Tumlinson is the co-founder of several space companies and non-profits including Deep Space Industries, Orbital Outfitters, the New Worlds Institute, and the Space Frontier Foundation. An active space entrepreneur and activist, he's testified before the U.S. Congress six times since 1995. Listed by Space News magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the industry.

Meagan is a NewSpace industry pioneer with a focus on the business of space: finance, investing, management, entrepreneurship, communications, marketing, and team building. A strong believer in the power of free enterprise as the driving force that will lift humanity permanently off-world, Meagan is dedicated to several projects focused on building a sustainable, profitable, successful space industry - for everyone. She is managing partner of SpaceFund, a venture capital firm investing in space startups. Meagan is also a co-founder of Brand Delta-V, the NewSpace marketing company, and a co-founder of Eden Grow Systems, a farming 2.0 technology company.

For over 30 years, I have served as a Houston business leader in advising and directing business models and start-ups to success. As CEO of Ramsey Financial Group (operating as a family office), I manage and control a diverse investment portfolio of my family trust. Portfolio industries include public and private companies involved in real estate, oil/gas, medical devices, agriculture, and other industries.