Technician - Systems - Senior

Houston, United States

This position reports directly to the Chief Operations and Technology Officer and is on location in White Salmon, WA. Supports multiple disciplines of work including: fabrication (Plastic Welding, Metal Welding, Wood, Metal, Drill), 3D Printing, CAD (Solidworks), CAM (CNC machine, Plasma Table), Inventory Management, Videography, Part Procurement, Server management, Manufacturing flow and multiple others. Will work with design engineers to provide design manufacturing feedback and ideas to improve product quality and manufacturability. Will work with design teams to plan, schedule, and build new product prototypes. Will work with design teams to plan, develop, and execute test plans for products. Will work with marketing and product teams to develop and document product training materials. As needed will be called upon to support facility improvements and maintenance, including electrical, structural and snow removal. Will have requirements to travel to Houston, and other locations as needed (with a frequency of not more than once every three months on average). Is a jack of all trades and must have a strong positive attitude and willingness to learn. Is a utility player and will be called to perform additional duties as required.


    Following location and personnel Safety guidance

    Manufacturing and fabrication

    Part reordering 

    Support Inventory Management including cycle counting

    Support workshop organization and cleanliness

    Assembly line implementation testing and feedback

    Task status/reporting

    Recording videos

    Operating CNC Machine for part prototyping 

    Develop 2D drawings for part packages

    Develop assembly instructions for products

    Develop how to videos for new products

    Operating 3D printer for part prototyping 


    Startup environment

    Limited team size

    New products

    Various workloads

    Long days/short days

    Must Have

    Strong Positive Attitude

    Desire and strong willingness to learn new things

    Ability to be taught new things

    Microsoft Office fluent

    Can use computers and learn various programs

    Willingness to be on camera

    Reliable transportation - year round

    Highly Desired

    Fabrication - CNC

    Fabrication - 3D Printing

    Fabrication - Plastic, Metal, Wood

    Manufacturing/Assembly line experience

    Ability to read technical documents

    Server management (linux, windows)


    Job Complexity:
    Personal Evolution:
    Variability of the Job:
    Job Security:
    Overachieving Possibilities:
    Team / Company Size:

    1 / 40 PEOPLE

    Company Growth Goals:

    50% YOY

    Company Maturity: