Meet the Eden Grow Tower

Fresh greens, herbs, fruit, root vegetables + potatoes using innovative technology and organic traditions.

All of our Eden Grow Towers are based on the Aeroponics method. This technique for growing plants was developed by Dr. Raymond Wheeler at NASA. Dr. Wheeler was working to discover the most optimized, most resource-efficient method for growing edible plants in space. By adopting his approach, Eden Grow Systems has created a consumer-oriented product that takes advantage of all of the benefits of Dr. Wheeler's work.

Extremely Efficient Use of Resources:  The aeroponics method sprays microfine droplets of a nutrient solution directly onto the plant roots, which are suspended in air in an enclosed Root Chamber.  The roots have access to all the oxygen they desire without having to struggle in soil to find it, so they grow faster and larger. The roots are sprayed periodically, then allowed to dry. This sequence of misting then drying makes aeroponics capable of growing root vegetables, unlike hydroponics, where tubers typically rot. Aeroponics truly is the next generation of farming technology, utilizing minimal resources for maximum harvests. In deep space, and here on earth.

NASA approved: The specific size of the droplets is based on research Dr. Wheeler and his team performed, to discover the most optimum size for maximum nutrient uptake by the roots. This is a vital element to the efficient use of nutrient solution.  Aeroponics uses 30% less solution than hydroponics, saving money. Dr. Wheeler also discovered that full spectrum lighting is necessary for plants to produce the highest levels of antioxidants and other vital nutrients. Our Grow Towers are equipped with full spectrum LED lights, ensuring maximum health benefits from everything you grow, while making the most efficient use of power and providing long life.

Version 2.3

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This is our Double Decker Grow Tower. Our towers use Aeroponic technology developed by NASA in an indoor ready-to-grow system for your produce needs right in the comfort of your own home or business. 

Featured in Austin, Texas


Our first iteration of The Eden Grow Tower growing cucumbers, cauliflower, peas, tomatoes + more in an all-in-one turn-key grow system. 

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