Want to try Aquaponics? 

Aquaponics is a special type of hydroponics that combines horticulture (plants) with aquaculture (fish and other aquatic species) in a symbiotic closed loop system. The water from the bottom of the fish tank containing fish waste is circulated through the root chamber of the plants where it is converted to usable nutrients by bacteria. The water is cleaned in the process and is recirculated back into the fish tank. The plants thrive on the nutrient-rich solution. All that is required is to feed the fish an organic fish food and you can raise the cleanest, most nutritious fish or shrimp that you've ever had before.

Our Single and Double Deck Grow Towers are equipped with a 60-gallon / 230 L reservoir.  This large volume was chosen to provide the flexibility to use the Eden Grow Tower to cultivate fish or shrimp to add a protein source to your diet.  Tilapia, catfish, freshwater prawns, and other freshwater species can be successfully grown.

Note: the Tall and Triple Grow Towers are not suitable for aquaponics. They are equipped with a smaller (optional) 10-gallon / 38 liter reservoir, which is too small.


Grow Anywhere  Indoors

Any indoor controlled environment space is suitable for an Eden Grow Tower. All that is required is electricity. A nearby water tap will make filling the reservoir much easier as well. Filtered water is recommended, especially if attempting to cultivate fish or shrimp in an aquaponics setup. Using city water just adds a 3-day waiting period to allow chlorine in city water supplies to evaporate from the tank.

Automated powerful and efficient LED grow lights make sure that plants will get all the light they need. Even a dark basement with a somewhat constant year round temperature is perfect for cooler weather plants like lettuces, spinach, beets, peas, and broccoli. Garages in milder climates, or insulated garages, and even outdoor covered patios that provide an out-of-the-weather spot can allow you to grow year round, as long as the temperature is suitable for the plants you want to grow - tomatoes and peppers in summer and cooler season crops in fall and winter. But bringing the tower indoors provides 365 day growing for any fruits or vegetables you want to grow.

And it doesn't stop there. Empty stores in malls and strip centers. Warehouses. Urban food deserts in need of a community project that provides food for local citizens.  Food banks that don't have much refrigeration to keep produce fresh, but do have indoor air conditioned/heated space to grow fresh produce on site.  All of these can utilize the highly modular Grow Towers.  Start with one or two, and add more as your needs grow.