About Us

At Eden Grow Systems, we want to provide food and energy independence
to local communities around the world, and one day, off it.

Engineered for People     

Our Grow Systems were first built for us. We are growers and engineers, homesteaders, suburbanites, city dwellers and country folk. 
We wanted this solution even if no one ever bought a tower. 

      Family & Friends

We want to help everyone grow their own food, and grow enough to share, and share their growing experience with their family, friends, and communities.

Food   Security for All       

At Eden, we want to put technology to work for everyone, to equip families, communities, churches, retirement centers, hotels, restaurants, and small growers to do more with less effort. Harnessing the power of aeroponics and automation will increase food production while making it easy to do in any indoor space.

     Freedom, not Fear

We don't promote a doomsday attitude. We believe in people, their resilience, creativity, and desire to live together in peace and harmony with their neighbors. We are big believers in technology and the human spirit. We believe that together, we can create better, stronger communities, put technology to work for us, and make the most of the wonderful plants God has created for our health and enjoyment

Jeff Raymond:
 Human of the Year

Jeff Raymond, our CTO/COO, was named one of
Motherboard Magazine's Humans of the Year for his work on the
Genesis bioregenerative food and energy production system.

Watch this 10-minute video about his vision, and the work he put in to realize it.


Watch the story behind the story of
Eden Grow Systems 

Meet the Executive Team

Company team

L. Barton Womack

Founder and chief visionary, Bart is a proven entrepreneurial leader with multiple successful ventures, strong networking, marketing, and startup financing expertise.

Company team

Jeff Raymond

Co-Founder, Veteran, Genesis System inventor, proven pioneer, over 15 years experience in Technology & Product Development, corporate-wide operations, and infrastructure. Over 25 years management and leadership experience.

Company team

Blaine Comeaux
VP Business Development

30+ years in cutting edge Harsh Environment technology development, global client relationship management, global marketing and market research, and product commercialization, targeting Fortune 100 customers. 

Company team

Mike Sayler
VP Manufacturing

Entrepreneur, veteran and dynamic leader. 15 years of experience in manufacturing in a high tech environment. Over 10 years of leadership with a focus on high quality, rapid delivery and innovation in an ever changing environment.

Company team

Dr. Gary Stutte,  Ph. D
Director of Plant Research

25 years management of NASA's flight and ground-based plant research at the Kennedy Space Flight Center in Florida.  Principle Investigator for four space flight experiments. Published over 150 scientific articles on closed environment agriculture.

Company team

Jim DeForest
Director of Sales

Jim brings 40+ years of corporate leadership, sales training, and sales management to the Eden Grow System’s team. He is tasked with building and managing a cohesive and effective sales and marketing team.


Our Advisors

Company team

Leo Womack

CEO Ramsey Financial Group (RFG)

Company team

Rick Tumlinson

Founder, SpaceFund, New Worlds Institute, Earthlight and Space Frontier Foundation

Company team

Meagan Crawford

SpaceFund, Brand Delta-V,
Former COO Deep Space Industries

Company team

Steve Morrow

Advisory Chiar

Former CEO, Insitu, Inc. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle supplier with global product development, deployment, and operations