At Eden we have invested over $300,000 of our own money to build two prototypes of our solution.

The first prototype, Lifepod1 is a self contained, containerized farm system.

The second prototype, Habitat1 is a self sustaining energy and food production system.

Our third prototype takes the lessons from both of these prior prototypes and integrates them into the most effecient method of growing food on and off of the planet! We call this system Hab2.

Eden’s solutions (based on the patent pending Genesis System) can be used to revolutionize this farming industry by changing the approach entirely (we call this approach Farming 2.0):

  • Utilizing 50% less land and doesn’t require land to be arable (deserts work)
  • Utilizing 95+% less water,
  • Reducing labor by 75%,
  • Creating less dependence on weather,
  • Increasing crop quality/yield while utilizing no pesticides or herbicides,
  • Increasing profits by hundreds of percentile